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Online Payment Solutions from BlueSnap

As the owner or manager of a business, one of the most essential components for success is a payment solution that makes accelerating commerce come very naturally. The payment solutions offered by BlueSnap work with hundreds of business platforms and can be connected quickly, to start processing payments immediately. Businesses can accept more than 100 types of payments around the world, in whatever manner that best fits the need. Simply streamline the payment solution to gain functionality.

An exceptional customer experience will result in more repeat purchases and referrals. Today, many service providers have one connection to an acquiring bank. Sometimes, the connection acts as a bottle neck for transactions, which can cause the transaction to fail. Not only that, if the person making a purchase is in another country, there is a good chance the transaction will get flagged as fraud due to mismatched currency. Needless to say, these failed transactions can add up. A dependable service will free up time to focus on products and customers. There are several components to this all-in-one platform.

Accepting Payments

This is not a traditional credit card processing system. The solution gives the business multiple ways to accept payments. Each business is different, so you can decide how you want to reach customers and vendors. The platform will support regular online checkout as well as invoice payments, phone and email orders, subscription billing and marketplace business models.

Global Sales

Get sales from around the globe by allowing all customers the payment options they want. Because BlueSnap has an intelligent payment routing system, a boost in the success rates of eCommerce payment is apparent. The system will automatically route cross-border transactions to an appropriate bank for the shopper.

Revenue Boost

The advanced eCommerce tools will help a company reach its full potential. The legwork has already been done. A few highlights include; less fraud related loss with advanced technology, detailed reporting options to allow patterns and trends to be observed, and all of this is accessible at any point with a mobile reporting app.

It's time to assure maximum success rates for your payments. Merchants currently working with the platform have reported up to 17% success rate due to the use of the global network of banks.

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